"We Time-Lapsed Electric Forest" And It Will Take Your Breath Away...

We recently discovered a video posted in the Electric Forest facebook group, and it quickly became our favorite video we've seen in the 4 years since Electric Forest's inception back in 2011. It takes place in the Sherwood Forest of Rothbury, Michigan every June where nearly 40,000 people gather to celebrate the place we call home.

This video truly captures what you see while you're inside the surreal microcosm that is Electric Forest. Mad props go out to DubEra.com for putting this amazing piece of video together for all of us to enjoy. You won't be disappointed - see you in 2016!

Five Reasons You Should Attend 515 Alive Music Festival

If you live in the midwest, you have almost no excuse to miss 515 Alive Festival located in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa this weekend August 7th & 8th. Here are five reasons why...


1.) IT'S ONLY $40 for 2 days

With so many festivals out there being $200-$400+, for this lineup it's almost a steal! Most of us would spend more than that going out to our local clubs/bars in one night. You could even donate plasma for a day and still be able to afford this festival. No excuses!



If you live in or near any of the following cities, you are within only three hours of this festival!

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Lincoln, NE
  • Omaha, NE
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Davenport, IA

That's right! Three hours! You don't even have to take a Friday or Monday off of work and you'll still make it in time for the majority of this festival. Here's a thought - save that PTO for Summer Set Music Festival the following week and make it back to back festivals!

Furthermore, if you live in Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI; Madison, WI; St. Louis, MO; or Springfield, IL, you STILL live within FIVE hours of this festival! You might have to sacrifice a day of PTO, but who cares - that's what it's for, right?



With headliners like EOTO, The Floozies, and the household name Waka Flock Flame you're in for a nice mix of experimental livetronica, funk/jam, and hip-hop. EOTO & The Floozies have established themselves as a must see at every festival. But the real bread and butter lies within the heart of the lineup. With artists like the G Jones, Snails, Louis Futon, Bommer, Nostalgia, Manic Focus (and more) - there's no doubt you will be annihilated by heavy basslines, grimey dubstep, and taken on a journey with groovy future bass + funk. See the full lineup HERE.



No matter what kind of music you are in the mood for, there's a good chance you will find it at one of the five stages. With a tremendous amount of local support from DJ's, live bands, and hip-hop artists - there's no doubt you will find the right music taste to fit your needs - as well as discover something new!



In the festival's now 13th year, you can attend this festival with peace of mind knowing that things will be organized, contain massive sound/lighting/lasers, and know that it will provide an experience of 13 years in the making. After all, if they weren't doing it right, how else would they have come this far? If you're in the Midwest, this will surely be the place to be August 7-8th!

Given these five reasons, you have no excuse but to attend!
Buy your tickets HERE and come enjoy great music, with great people under the beautiful downtown Des Moines city skyline!


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