Goldrush Music Festival Recap


Yeehaw, ladies and gentlemen! Relentless Beats threw the biggest shindig in the valley. People from all over the country are coming to Arizona to partake in this festival! Goldrush is AZ’s bread and butter. Goldrush Arizona is back at it again for its third annual year this past Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th.

This year, Relentless Beats brought out headliners such as Troyboi, Zhu, Zomboy, and many more! Rawhide Western Town was the perfect place to host Goldrush. There was live art installations, great photo opportunities, and great food! RB even hooked it up with a real-life saloons! There were professional dancers and actors dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls that really set the tone for the festival! Goldrush had free beer tasting, free rock climbing wall, and free face painters this year!

Each stage had a different genre of music. There were five stages this year: Hideout, Pioneer Peak, Golden Gorge, Wagon Wheel, and Moonshiner’s silent disco! Golden Gorge was for our headliners, Pioneer Peak was for our neck-breaking headbangers, Hideout was for our groovy house lovers, and both Wagon Wheel/Moonshiner’s silent disco was for our local loving supporters! Each stage had a very special set up and attracted ravers from all genres.


Hideout featured Gerry Gonza, Eli & Fur, Destructo and many more. Pioneer Peak featured Funtcase, Barely Alive, and Zomboy. Golden Gorge featured Adventure Club, Zhu, Chet Porter, and Alison Wonderland. Lastly, Moonshiner’s silent disco featured Kenny Oliver, Alaska, and Kody Black! Those are just a few big names from each stage.

Moonshiner’s silent disco has thee HOTTEST local talent around. I got a chance to interview one of Arizona’s upcoming local star, Kody Black! Here is what he had to say!

Veronica: How did it all start for you and what inspired you to start making music?

Kody Black: I started going to raves when I was a senior in high school and was always curious about how the music I was listening to was made. At the time I was listening to Bassnectar and Pretty Lights and other similar artists, but I knew I really wanted to pursue music when I heard house. I specifically remember listening to a live set from Amine Edge and Dance and having that ah-ha moment of being able to pick apart the sounds in my brain and visualize how it all works. So I asked my mom for a DJ controller for Christmas and started practicing all the time which led me to start getting into producing as well!


Veronica: What genre do you classify yourself as and where can we hear your music?

Kody Black: House music for sure! I have some mixes on soundcloud and mixcloud and you can expect an ep in the near future :)

Veronica: What was the most memorable moment in the EDM scene? Was it as an attendee or producer?

Kody Black: I'd have to say when my friends and I traveled to Red Rocks to see Opiuo with his 20 person orchestra. That was easily the most spectacular show I have ever been able to witness.

Veronica: What do you love about the EDM scene here in Arizona?

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Kody Black: There is ALWAYS something going on. Especially with the house scene, we have DVINA Wednesdays, Melrose House on Thursdays, Big Fun Fridays, shows at shady park on Saturday and Sunday, the list goes on! There is always someplace I can go to listen to the music I love and I just feel incredibly fortunate I have that.

Veronica: Do you get any inspiration from other producers?


Kody Black: Oh of course. I'm always keeping an eye (or ear) out for new things I can try in my own productions that give songs that eat catching flavor. Ki Creighton is one I've definitely been drawing a lot of inspiration from lately.

Veronica: Top favorite 3 djs... GO!

Kody Black: Amine Edge and Dance, Green Velvet, and Walker and Royce for sure.

Veronica: What other events have you played at and are you coming back to Goldrush next year?

Kody Black: 've played at Full Moon Fest, numerous Shady Park shows, and some local collective shows in Phoenix as well. If Goldrush will have me again I'd love to come play it but we will see! For now, I'm gearing up for opening for Hannah Wants at Shady on Nov 3rd for Treehouse Sunday. Been wanting to see her for years now I get to open for her! Super amped for that one :)


You heard it here first folks! Kody Black is one producer that you don’t want to sleep on. He is such a talented fellow and deserves all the recognition in the world. It was a pleasure interviewing him. We hope to see you next. Year, Kody!


The party does not stop here! Relentless Beats is hosting an EPIC Halloween party for you ghouls and gals. Halloween inspired bass music event is October 13th. Halloween costumes are optional, but always encouraged. Stay connected: