11 Reasons to Start Your Festie Season With Gem and Jam Music Festival!

In the first week of February, 50,000 people will meet up at the Pima County Fairgrounds to attend Gem and Jam Music Festival in Tuscon, Arizona. This festival features Music, Art, and Vendors from around the U.S. Here are 11 reasons to start festie season early and attend THIS year:

1.      The Music

With its 11th year running, we believe this will be the best year yet for Gem and Jam Music Festival. The lineup is diverse and staked with artists such as Mike Gordon from PHISH, Gramatik, G-Jones, The Floozies, Com Truise, Electric Feel, Lotus, an All-Star Grateful Dead Tribute Set, featuring: Steve Kimock & Friends and other genre bending talented artists. This is the best jam band festival your money can buy. Start out festie season right and grab your tickets here before it sells out.


2.      The New Venue

According to sources, the new venue is bigger and better than ever. With more space and grassy lands for camping, dust and space shouldn’t be a problem. From our research of the Pima County Fairgrounds, the 600 acres of land is perfect for this upcoming and budding festival.

Photo: courtesy of pima county fairgrounds website

3.      Gems, Minerals, and Fossils

If you didn’t know, Gem and Jam will be full of gem, mineral, and fossil vendors. For all you collectors, geologist, mineralogist, festival junkies, this is HEAVEN. We ourselves at Electric Feels cannot WAIT to support local businesses while we add to our collections. 

4.      The Artwork and Art Installations

Much of the art and installations at the festival are from artists across the U.S, and local. There will also be high-end art galleries. If you really like a piece, feel free to place a bid and see where it goes. You will have a one-of-a-kind unique piece that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Photo from gemandjamfestival.com

5.      The Stages

With Gem and Jam expanding in size this year, this means the stages will satisfy the chronic festival-goer. As years have progressed, the stages have improved, and we predict the same for this year and cant be more excited for the reveal!

Photo from Lostinsound.org Photo Credit: Dreamer Visions

6.      The Weather

Arizona in February is beautiful, and perfect for a festival. According to a study from weatherspark.com, the highs from the last 12 years can be up to 70, and lows in the 40’s. So bring tank tops for the daytime and something really warm at night. Trust us, the desert gets cold at night.

7.      The People

From the workers, to the festival attendees, everyone is amazing with great attitudes. The vibes from the people make you feel like everyone is your friend, and you’ll make many life long festi-fam by the end of your trip.

8.      The Live Artists

While artists perform on stage, talented artists paint to the music creating one-of-a-kind pieces of work. Very talented artists such as Chris Dyer will be there, so don’t miss out.

photo from gemandjamfestival.com

9.      The Food

According to sources that have attended previous years, the food at this festival is better than most. It’s not expensive and taste great in comparison. If you prefer to cook for yourself, propane grills are allowed into the campgrounds.

10.  Vendors

Gem and Jam is hosted during Tucson’s Gem, Mineral, and Fossil convention, and many of the vendors travel cross-country to sell their products at this festival. Many of the vendors are small businesses selling handmade goods… So when you’re buying that one of a kind present for yourself or a loved one, you’re supporting a small business, and who doesn’t love that?


11.  Workshops/ Arts & Crafts/ Lectures

This festival offers lectures, workshops and crafts during the day for entertainment. In previous years, Alex and Alyson grey lead the workshops. Things such as yoga will be offered in the AM, too.