Electric Forest Forced To Ban All Outside Alcohol On Premesis

In light of some recent speculation regarding a new law that was passed in Michigan, it has been confirmed that outside alcohol will no longer be allowed at Electric Forest.  Apparently it’s not something the festival wants to enforce, but Michigan state law passed the bill just this year. Here’s the official statement from Electric Forest HQ:


“Per Michigan state law, any alcohol that is found during the search of your vehicle on entry must be confiscated. This applies to both the campgrounds and the festival venue.”


Many, however, are not satisfied with this explanation and have investigated the legitimacy of the statement. The law in question raises an issue with leaving a premises with alcohol, not necessarily with bringing it in. Attendees are speculating that Electric Forest is using the law as an excuse, and not something they actually need abide by, We will update this if we're able to get more clarification on their statement. 

Here’s the legislation in question:


“mcl 436.2021(4) This act and rules promulgated under this act do not prevent a class A or B hotel designed to attract and accommodate tourists and visitors in a resort area from allowing its invitees or guests to possess or consume, or both, on or about its premises alcoholic liquor purchased by the invitee or guest from an off-premises retailer and does not prevent a guest or invitee from entering and exiting the licensed premises with alcoholic liquor purchased from an off-premises retailer.”


To see the list of banned items, you can visit Electric Forest's official website.


Source: Reddit

UPDATE: 2/15/2016