With New Year’s Eve approaching in the dead of winter, many of us are asking ourselves “what do we need for a two-day festival in Texas?” … WELL good thing Electric Feels has your back. With our list of essentials for Lights All Night, you’ll be fully prepared for the next 2 days of fun.

1.     Tickets

This is a given. Without tickets, you can’t get into the festival. While GA at this festival is always an awesome and memorable experience, try to step it up this year with VIP. The perks you will experience compared to GA are bar-none, and the space to dance increases ten-fold. Once you get VIP, you’ll never do GA again. As a VIP ticket holder you get many perks:

·       Express VIP entrance into Dallas Market Hall

·       On-site Event Hosts to welcome you and assist with your on-site needs

·       Spacious, Premium Viewing areas at both stages (lots of room)

·       Private VIP Restrooms

·       Exclusive VIP bar with a selection of mixed drinks, beer and wine

                  Go on treat yo' self!

2.     A  jacket

Period. Yes, I get it… Your outfits cute, and you don’t want to carry a jacket, or wait in lines. Well thankfully LAN has an affordable coat check. If you don’t want to wait in lines, I would bite the bullet and like Nike says…just do it. Once the concert is over, they kick everyone out of the venue and you’re stuck in 30-degree weather with no coat waiting for that Uber to come. At that point, you’d have no one to blame but yourself and you’ll be hating life. Yes, Texas gets cold so bring the jacket to Texas just in case! It’s worth it.

3.     A Camelback

We all want to have a good time while saving money. Bring a camel back with you to stay hydrated. There are free water stations at this event so do yourself, and your pocket book a favor and bring one. STAY HYDRATED and rave safe, fam. 

4.     Fanny pack

This is the essentials for a good time. With a fanny pack or hands free cross-over purse, you’re able to jump up and down to your favorite artist with no worries in the world.

5.     Walking shoes

For those of you who haven’t been to the venue, there’s a lot of walking/standing. While the layout may not seem too big, if you track your steps, you’ll be surprised with just how many you take. A comfortable pair of shoes area MUST if you plan on being happy for the next two days.

6.     A DD/RIDE HOME—some great advice:

Everyone wants to have a good time and get home safely. Well we want you to get home safely, too. Lights All Night is offering an Uber code for “new users” (LANDALLAS). If you’re not a new user but want to use the discount, create a google voice account (it gives you a number that calls/connects directly to your phone), create a new email, and viola…free/almost free ride home! If you live far and don’t have friends in Dallas, check out There are many people willing to lend you their home for a very decent price (cheaper than a DUI).

7.     Vitamin C

I can’t stress this enough. Before or after the festival take Vitamin C. You will dodge any sickness you may get from touching others who are sick and selfishly decided to attend the fest (who wouldn’t).

8.     Green Tea pills

Need a natural way to get that extra boost of energy without getting bloated? Take 2-3 green tea tablets (315mg each), we swear by it. Green tea provides natural energy, with 10 times less side-affects than drugs and you don’t have to drink tea.

9.     Extra battery or charger

From the looks of it, LAN won’t be providing lockers with chargers for your phones, so bring an extra.

10.     Back up stash

You never know what you may lose while having a great time, that's why it's always a great idea to bring a back-up of anything important you may need.Y

Items that are not allowed into LAN:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Large chains
  • Massagers
  • Laser pointers
  • Spiked jewelry
  • Outside food or beverages
  • Coolers
  • Lawn chairs
  • Frisbees
  • ECig Liquid Refills
  • Large umbrellas
  • Unsealed tampons
  • Bota bags
  • Stickers
  • Stuffed animals/dolls
  • Professional cameras with detachable lenses
  • Professional audio/video recording equipment (GoPros ARE allowed)
  • ‘Selfie’ sticks (including GoPro sticks)
  • Inflatables including balloons
  • Open cigarettes (sealed boxes are fine)
  • Any illegal substance
  • Marker pens
  • Dust/surgical masks
  • Musical instruments including whistles
  • Cans/bottles/glass
  • Animals (except service animals)
  • Pacifiers
  • No full faced masks (except deadmau5 heads)
  • Spray paint
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Unsealed eye drop containers
  • Over the counter medications (opened or unopened)
  • Bottle of vitamins (opened or unopened)
  • Totems with poles (posters are allowed)
  • Purses larger 5”x 10” (anything smaller must be single strap)
  • Any other items deemed as posing a threat to the safe enjoyment of the concert by management.


  • Camelbacks smaller than 1.5L with less than three pockets are allowed if empty upon entry.
  • Single pocket drawstring backpacks are allowed
  • Fanny packs are allowed (no larger than 4” x 6” and no more than 2 pockets)
  • Deadmau5 heads must be removed and searched upon entry
  • LED gloves, Poi, Hula Hoops, Buugeng, Orbitals, wands, Fiber optic wand are allowed
  • ECigs are allowed but no refill liquid bottles – liquid can be purchased inside